Where to Purchase Wholesale Designer Glasses Frames?

Where to Purchase Wholesale Designer Glasses Frames?

Why Is Selecting the Right Frame Shape and Size Important?

Everyone is different and their choices in eyewear vary considerably. You will want to choose something that will compliment the shape of your own face, your skin tone and other specific features. The eyeglass frames for women that look good on one face may look a bit odd on another. So you will want to ensure that you have a full range of wholesale designer glasses frames for your customers.

If you have a long and angular face you may want to choose glasses frames that provide more depth than width. While someone with a rounded face will want to use frames that are narrower and more angular to make their face appear slimmer. The frames that you choose will have a significant effect on the look that you have.

What Wholesale Designer Glasses Frames Can You Buy?

You will want to ensure that you have a selection of many different styles to entice your customers to buy. There are many different types of glasses frames that you can buy. You will need to consider all of the following things when selecting the right optical frames wholesale:

  • Materials:
    • Metal frames: cheap metal frames can react with your skin and cause problems. Most designers, however, will use materials that are nickel and palladium free. Popular metals that you may use within the wholesale eyeglass frames are titanium which is very lightweight while strong or Flexon which is an alloy which can be bent and will still return to its original shape.
    • Plastics: this material is cheap and can be molded into many unusual shapes. It allows you to have lightweight and good looking frames but they may not be as strong as the metal variety. Material is usually hypoallergenic and is usually suitable for everyone.
  • Styles:
    • Full frame: a full frame is one in which the lens will be fully encapsulated within the material.
    • Semi-rimless: typically the lower half of the lens will be held by a nylon cord rather than being completely surrounded by the frame.
    • Rimless: for this style of frame the arms and the bridge are attached directly to the lens, usually by drilling holes directly through the actual lens.
  • Designers:

Of course you will want to select wholesale designer eyeglasses frames that are going to impress your intended customers. Through our highly affordable services you will be able to access glasses frames from all of the main designers such as:

  • Ray-Ban
  • Prada
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Calvin Klein
  • Burberry
  • Oakleyoptical frames wholesale

Buy Your Wholesale Designer Eyeglasses Frames from the Best

Wholesale Eyeglasses offers you access to a wide range of different frames and glasses from all of the designers you may want. We offer wholesale pricing that is from 30% to 75% off from the manufacturers recommended wholesale pricing, allowing you to pass those deals onto your customers to help you to make that sale.

We offer only the genuine product with all of the usual branded accessories that you would expect such as cases. All stock is delivered promptly and in the volumes that you need for your business.

Contact us today to review our wholesale designer glasses frames and get your stocks at a fraction of the price that you will pay through other suppliers.

Jan 15th 2018 Wholesale Eyeglasses

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